Retiring Sets

Retiring Lego Sets - Updated for 2020

Lego frequently moves collections out of production and into what brick enthusiasts call "retiring sets." These retiring sets don't have a particular timeline for when they will become unavailable from retailers but they are being moved out of production so they become harder to find. Below you'll find a table, updated for 2017, that shows the latest lego sets being put out to pasture by the company. I have some reviews on some of the collections and we will continue adding them as I can get my hands on them. Some are already hard to find.
If you have even the slightest interest in any of the sets presented I recommend buying it while you can as there is no telling when one of the prized lego sets will be discontinued.

Retiring Set – Palace Cinema (10232)
LEGO has announced that the Palace Cinema set is retiring.  The Palace Cinema is a part of the Modular Buildings[...]
Retiring Set – The Lighthouse Siege (70594)
The Ninjago line of Lego sets has been a pretty great story to watch unfold.  The series was originally planned[...]
Retiring Set: TIE Fighter (75095)
One of the iconic vessels from the Star Wars franchise, the TIE Fighter was bound to be a popular Lego[...]
Retiring Set: The Scuttler (70908)
The Lego Batman movie spawned a lot of really good sets, not to mention the really fun movie.  The Scuttler[...]
Retiring Set: City: Volcano Heavy-Lift Helicopter (60125)
The Volcano Heavy-Lift Helicopter is a visually fantastic set with some very fun play features.  The set is a part[...]
Retiring Set: City: City Square (60097)
Lego City Square is a fantastic set to build your city around. It contains a handful of separate buildings and[...]
Retiring Set: Arendelle Castle Celebration (41068)
Arendelle Castle Celebration is pulled from Frozen, the insanely popular Disney movie released in 2013.  The set was originally released[...]

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