Best Super Hero Lego Sets

Superheroes are awesome.  Lego are awesome.  Sometimes, it’s best to keep things simple and combine two great things into one, and that’s what Lego has done in licensing both DC and Marvel super heroes for some truly fantastic sets.  Over the years the sets have shifted around, the rise of the behemoth superhero movie franchises and cinematic universes really changed the game for comic book fans.  Lego has adapted along with those and managed to produce a slew of really great sets in the current superhero climate. Batman is everybody’s favorite superhero (okay, maybe just most people’s), and the 2017 Batman line is primarily based off of the great Lego Batman movie released early in the year.  There are a few Batman sets outside of the Lego Movie line, maybe one will earn a spot on our list?  Outside of Batman, there isn’t much in the DC line for Lego. A handful of characters have a small set of their own, but the best DC sets are all Batman, at the moment.  Things are changing soon, however, as Lego has a few recently announced larger sets from the DC universe that aren’t based on Batman.  We will be sure to keep you posted on those as we get our hands on them. On the Marvel side of things, there simply aren’t a ton of exciting sets out there right now, unfortunately.  This is a big reason we combined the DC/Marvel sets into one list.  That’s not to say there aren’t any quality Marvel sets in 2017, there very much are, but the amount to choose from is smaller than one might expect considering the Marvel/Lego history and the huge scope the Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken on over the past few years.  We have found the true gems though, and can safely say there is plenty of fun to be found.

What Sets Are Eligible For Our List?

Any Lego Super Hero set that is still readily available, i.e. not retired, in 2017 could qualify for our list.  We have grouped together the sets contained within the DC Comics Super Heroes, DC Super Heros Girls, Marvel Super Heroes, and The Lego Batman Movie theme lines, all of which are active in 2017.  This casts a wide net for this list, but we feel the items represented here are truly spectacular and would be a great addition to any Lego enthusiast’s collection.  

Top Ten Super Hero Sets of 2017

How Did We Rate The Sets?

At the end of the day, this is our website and our list, so our opinion had the final say.  However, we’d be fools not to use the opinions of thousands of other brickheads out there.  We checked out the set ratings from the top retailers and factored them into our ratings when necessary.  We weren’t going to have a strong opinion swayed, but if we were on the fence about any, we’d take those ratings under consideration.   As for how we judge sets ourselves, we tend to break it down into two categories:  the build and the components.  We’re like any other Lego enthusiast, we love the build.  It needs to be challenging and engaging, not something that can be pieced together without instructions.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge set, there is often a lot of fun to be had in smaller sets, but the build needs to grab our attention.  Most of those on our list end up being on the longer side for builds, as it’s the nature of the build that sets with more detailed builds will end up more engaging for us. The components come down to “what’s in the box?”  This is an important aspect of any Lego set, but arguably even more so in a licensed theme like DC or Marvel.  As a fan of the movies, you know the sets before you start building them.  Sets which have the perfect balance of nostalgia and just plain cool features will inevitably rise to the top for us.  

Spider Man Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle (76057)

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge 76057 Spiderman Toy
  • Build the ultimate battle on a New York City bridge between Spider-Man’s team of web-slinging heroes and some of his most sinister foes!
  • Bridge features a movable roadway and detachable suspension cables, secret trap door, Spidey’s web-prison, Kraven the Hunter’s secret lair, smash-apart signposts, and more!
  • Includes minifigures of Spider-Man, Spider-Girl, Scarlet Spider, Aunt May, Scorpion, Kraven the Hunter, and Green Goblin with buildable Goblin Glider, plus webs and other accessories
  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes building toys are compatible with all LEGO construction sets for creative building
  • Bridge is over 12” high, 5” wide, and 17” deep. Goblin Glider is under 1” high and over 2” long and 3” wide

Despite the awful name, this is a great set and a must have for any Spider Man or Marvel fan.  Right out the gate, this set gets started off on the right foot by proving a whopping seven minifigures.  We’ve seen smaller numbers out of bigger, and much more expensive, sets.  Those included here:  Spider-Man, Spider-Girl, Aunt May, Green Goblin, Scorpion, Scarlet Spider, and Kraven the Hunter.  Some of these are digging deep in the Spider-Man lore, but rest assured they are all great looking minifigurines with great details. As for the structure, the bridge in this set acts as an active battleground better than just about any other set we’ve seen.  The bridge contains a trap-door which drops an unsuspecting victim into a holding cell.  It is activated by pulling a small piece on the side of the bridge.  One of the side rails on the road surface area of the bridge seamlessly breaks away when run through by a taxi (included), which is a fantastic visual.  Push the flag atop the bridge to release a capture net onto the bridge below, snagging whatever unsuspecting villain (or hero) in its way.  These are just the start as there are multiple other interactive portions of this build.  We don’t want to get carried away in our small space here but trust us, they’re great.  The build is a lot of fun, piecing together this breakaway and moving parts is quite a treat.  This is simply the gold standard of Super Hero Lego sets right now, the amount you get out of the very reasonable price is outstanding, providing great value on top of being a downright fantastic set.

Super Hero Airport Battle (76051)

LEGO Super Heroes Super Hero Airport Battle 76051
  • Build an epic hero-vs.-hero battle with a supersonic Quinjet with hidden stud-shooters and folding wings, an “exploding” air traffic control tower, the gigantic Giant-Man, and more!
  • The ultimate action scene from Captain America: Civil War
  • Includes minifigures of Captain America, Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, War Machine, and Agent 13, plus an Ant-Man microfigure and a buildable Giant-Man figure
  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes building toys are compatible with all LEGO construction sets for creative building
  • Air traffic control tower is over 10” high, 9” wide, and 3” deep. Quinjet is over 3” high, 7” long, 12” wide in flight mode, and 7” wide in landing mode
This set recreates the famous airport battle scene from Captain America: Civil War.  This is a really unique set, it is gear seemingly entirely towards playability over aesthetics.  The structures in this set are an airport tower and the Quinjet from the movie.  The third large piece is Giant Man.  The Quinjet looks great and has a really fun rappel rope in the cargo area that allows one of our heroes to fly through the air on the tail of the Quinjet.  The tower looks great, well at least as great as an airport tower can.  It comes with an exploding wall and a secret tunnel which only micofiguring Ant Man can fit, when he does it fires off a cargo box on the front side of the tower, very fun touch.   Finally, the small airport cart even gets into the interactivity action by allow you to fling luggage (or heroes!) by flipping down the back of the luggage cart.  Phew, that’s a lot of of interactive features.  The set also includes a robust six minifigurines, all of which are key players: Iron Man, Captain America, Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch, War Machine, and Agent 13.  As previously mentioned, Ant Man comes in the form of a microfigurine which is a very appropriate and downright awesome inclusion.  The build on this one isn’t the toughest out there, as the individual components are all fairly small.  However, the fun comes by combining everything into one awesome battlefield.

Batmobile (70905)

LEGO Batman Movie The Batmobile 70905 Building Kit
  • Build Batman’s awesome crime-fighting car with big wheels that reposition for different missions!
  • Includes Batman, Robin, Man-Bat and two Kabuki Twins figures
  • THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE building toys are compatible with all LEGO construction sets for creative building
  • Measures over 3” high, 11” long and 5” wide in racing mode
Our first DC entry comes in the form of a slightly goofy, highly fun version of the classic Batmobile.  Taken from the Lego Batman movie, the Batmobile represented here looks different from those seen in movies, but it is a lot of fun.  One of the coolest, most unique features on this vehicle is that the wheels can lock in different positions, providing wildly different configurations from the same Batmobile.  You’ll love the parallel parking configuration.  Stud shooters on either side of the vehicle.  The roof of the cockpit pops off at the turn of a gear behind it, we’re always a sucker for a good mechanical trick.  The set includes five minifigurines: Batman, Robin, Man-Bat, and the Kabuki Twins.  All the villains here are notably spooky, while Batman and Robin are both predictably well done.  This set is an all-around good entry.  No single element is spectacular, but it hits all of the marks in being run to play with, being a fun build, and having good minifigurines.  This is recommended for any fans of the Lego Batman movie, or anybody who wants a slightly off-kilter version of the iconic Batmobile. This is recommended for any fans of the Lego Batman movie, or anybody who wants a slightly off-kilter version of the iconic Batmobile.

The SHIELD Helicarrier (76042)

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 76042 The Shield Helicarrier
  • Build the ultimate collector’s vehicle from the Marvel Super Heroes universe – the gigantic SHIELD Helicarrier as featured in the Marvel’s Avengers movies!
  • 3 microscale Quinjets, 3 fighter jets, gasoline truck, 2 forklift trucks, 2 runways, 4 road blockades, armored exterior with translucent elements, detailed interior, 12 decorated microfigures, and collector info plaque!
  • Includes minifigures of Nick Fury, Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye, and Maria Hill, plus iconic SHIELD Eagle display stand
  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes building toys are compatible with all LEGO construction sets for creative building
  • Add lights and spinning rotors to the Helicarrier with the 88000, 8883 and 8870 LEGO Power Functions sets (sold separately)
This thing is simply a fantastic beast of a Lego set.  This is an entire in the Ultimate Collector’s Series which was exclusively Star Wars and Batman before this Helicarrier came out.  It is huge at just under 3,000 (!) pieces and will take up a full weekend putting together.  Luckily, unlike some of the other massive licensed sets (looking at you, Death Star), the Helicarrier is absolutely worth it.   As seen in the first Avengers movie, the Helicarrier is a flying aircraft carrier.  Those with a sharp eye will note some differences between the movie version and the Lego set, but some liberties had to be taken to make the set a bit more eye popping than the movie version.   One major change that this set contains is microfigurines.  The set contains twelve of these, which are extra small figurines.  You get four Heroes (Nick Fury, Hawkeye, Captain America, and Iron Man) along with eight generic SHIELD agents.  The reason for their existence is to allow you to use figurines that are of a reasonable scale compared to the ship itself.  Which the ship is massive, a normal minifiguring would be well over ten feet tall in the scale of the ship.  The microfigurines are generally nice, but we would have preferred to get more Avengers and less Generic SHIELD Agents.   The set does include five normal minifigurines; Nick Fury, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Captain America, and Maria Hill.  The same complaint from the microfigurines applies here; as much as this set costs, I couldn’t get all of the Avengers?  Despite those gripes, the Helicarrier remains awesome.  It has a ton of technic pieces making up the core of the hull and allows for the rotors to be turned smoothly via a crank on the back end.   There is room to hook up the Lego Power Functions (sold separately) and automate the rotors, we didn’t find that to be worth the trouble, but you might enjoy that feature.  Even with a few small complaints, this set is fantastic.  It will be the centerpiece of your display with bright colors and a ton of interactive sections.  

The Joker Notorious Lowrider (70906)

LEGO The Batman Movie The Joker Notorious Lowrider 70906 Batman Toy
  • Build The Joker’s wacky custom car with bouncing suspension system and hidden spring-loaded shooters in the trunk!
  • Includes The Joker, Harley Quinn and Batgirl figures
  • THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE building toys are compatible with all LEGO construction sets for creative building
Joker’s Lowrider continues the theme of wacky sets coming from the Lego Batman Movie. And why not? Most licensed sets are based on existing IP and the designers must adhere, at least somewhat, to existing designs.  When you make a Lego movie, however, the Lego designs can come first.  Much like the Batmobile, Joker’s Lowrider is an oversized, fun-packed vehicle that builders will love.  The Lowrider looks great, the bold Joker-inspired colors and patterns make this set absolutely pop.  On the interactivity side, the doors and trunk open and the latter had a couple of hidden shooters.  The real crowning achievement in terms of playability, however, is the suspension system.  A set of rubber bands on the undercarriage allows you to position the wheels independently to create some truly fun looks for the car.  The set contains three minifigurines: Joker, Harley Quinn, and Batgirl. No Batman here, but you’ll find him in a bunch of other sets from this line and the three included figures are fantastic.  Building this great looking set won’t take all day, but it is quite a fun build, getting that suspension system in place is particularly satisfying.  The Joker’s Notorious Lowrider looks great, plays great, and is a fun build, what more could you ask for?

Tanker Truck Takedown (76067)

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 76067 Tanker Truck Takedown
  • Includes 4 minifigures: Captain America, Spider-Man, Hawkeye and Vision.
This set acts as a companion to the Super Hero Airport Battle (76051). It brings in a large tanker truck and four minifigurines to the fight (although one, Captain America, is a repeat).  The new minifigurines are: Spider-Man, Vision, and Hawkeye. Hawkeye here is an improved version of the one seen in the Helicarrier set, with better details and he also gets a nice looking motorcycle. The set consists of a small pole/flag piece and the tanker truck itself. The pole portion can be knocked over to send a couple of barrels flying.   The highlight here is the terrific tanker truck. The truck, while not the most aesthetically exciting vehicle in the superhero world, looks great for what it is.  The unique orange-yellow color blend makes it pop.  The cab is sleek and fits a minifigurine.  The real fun comes in when you turn the wheel on the side of the tanker. The back pops off, the top flies open and large flames pop up from inside of the tank. It’s really a spectacular interactive piece and should provide plenty of great play opportunities.  The build is fun considering the size. Piecing together the exploding tanker is a satisfying experience.  Tanker Truck Meltdown makes a great companion set to Super Hero Airport Battle but is also a great set on its own and a worthy addition to any Lego Super Hero display.

Batcave Break-In (70909)

LEGO The Batman Movie Batcave Break-in 70909 Superhero Toy
  • Build Batman’s gadget-packed secret headquarters and fight off a Super Villain invasion!
  • Includes Batman, The Penguin, Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth, plus three special Batsuits and two hench-penguin figures
  • THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE building toys are compatible with all LEGO construction sets for creative building
The Batcave plays a huge role in the Lego Batman movie, so it was a natural choice to get a great Lego set design.  The overall look of the Batcave will be familiar to anyone who has seen its various incarnations across all media.  A giant console sits in the middle with a sprawling wall of computers allowing Batman to monitor Gotham City.  He does so sitting in his swivel chair.  A fun little touch is a display area for Baterangs which can be turned to be quickly hidden.   Off to one side of the main console, area is a small jail cell for holding captured baddies.  Not for long though, as the back wall will break away with the turn of a dial.  On the other side of the console is a quick change station which houses a minifigurine in the back allowing Batman to quickly jump in and come out with a different costume.  Speaking of costumes, the final piece of the Batcave itself is a rack to hold a handful of Batmans. Included in this set are the standard Batsuit, Raging Batsuit, Scu-Batsuit, and Bat-Pack Batsuit.  Raging Batman with his purple boxing gloves is my personal favorite, there are other suits available in the Lego Batman line which can be stored in this Batcave feature.  While we’re here, the other minifigurines are Penguin, two Hench-Penguins, Alfred, and Bruce Wayne.  All of the above are really quite great figures with a lot of quality details.   The final inclusions in this set are two fantastic vehicles.   First, the Penguin’s Duckmobile is just spectacular.  The bright colors and comical about of weapons on an oversized rubber duck are a blast. It has a few interactive features to make it that much better.   Last, but not least, is the Batboat which is a really sleek looking ship with a few interactive features of its own.  Phew, that’s a lot of content.  The great thing about this set is that each of its many different elements are great on their own but even better when combined together for a fun Batcave battle.

Spider-Man Doc Ock’s Tentacle Trap (76059)

Lego Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man: Doc Ock's Tentacle Trap 76059 Spiderman Toy
  • Octo-Bot features dual 6-shooting rapid shooters, rotating torso, posable legs, and posable and detachable tentacles that attach to the back of Doc Ock
  • Police speedboat has a stud shooter and attachment point for the web rope to attach Spider-Man's surfboard
  • Accessory elements include White Tiger's power element, and Spider-Man's surfboard, web blast and web rope
  • Includes 5 minifigures: Spider-Man, Doc Ock, Vulture, White Tiger and Captain Stacy
  • Doc Ock's Octo-Bot measures over 7" (19cm) high, 10" (27cm) wide and 5" (13cm) deep, Police speedboat measures over 1" (5cm) high, 4" (11cm) long and 1" (5cm) wide
This set is a one man show.  Doctor Octopus gets a phenomenal minifigurine and even better Octo-Bot.  Doc Ock finally gets the full, sprawling, tentacle minifigurine he deserves. It’s a great sight to see as he poses a truly imposing figure going up against our favorite web slinging hero. The tentacles are pieces of the bigger Octo-Bot which are the centerpiece of this set. The bot has a couple of huge stud shooters which are eye catching visuals that are also a lot of fun to play with.   Probably the coolest interactive feature comes from turning the piece at the head of the bot which results in the arms of the bot moving.  Doctor Octopus slides into his seat at the head of the bot, he doesn’t clip into studs so is prone to fall out with heavy play.  Rounding out the rest of the set are four other minifigurines: Spider-Man, Vulture, Captain Stacy, and White Tiger.   The official story behind this set is that Spider-Man and Captain Stacy are staging a sea rescue of White Tiger. As such, Spidey gets a little surfboard to stand on and Captain Stacy gets a nondescript police boat.  These additions are fine, but nothing special. The Vulture minifigurine is quite cool.  This is a set that has a few different pieces but ultimately is all about one character and vehicle. It works because Doctor Octopus and his Octo-Bot are simply fantastic.   The build of the Octo-Bot contains some very cool.mechanics, particularly in the arm moving mechanism, so this registers as an engaging build.  Any Spider-Man fans or fans of really cool mech suits should rush to pick up this set.

The Scuttler (70908)

LEGO Batman Movie The Scuttler 70908
  • Build Batman’s awesome robotic bat vehicle with extending arms, secret jetpack and a launching net shooter!
  • Includes Batman, The Joker, Commissioner Gordon, Barbara Gordon, Dick Grayson and Poison Ivy with buildable vine monster
  • THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE building toys are compatible with all LEGO construction sets for creative building
The Scuttler is another cool vehicle in Batman’s garage from the Lego Batman Movie.  It is a relatively compact ship with massive, sprawling legs extending out. The set contains six quality minifigurines: Batman, Poison Ivy, The Joker, Commissioner Gordon, Barbara Gordon, and Dick Grayson.   Despite each having their own high points, Poison Ivy is the standout here. Her flowing red hair, cloth skirt, and unique printing from top to bottom make the figure truly stand out.  Batman gets a nice looking jetpack.  Almost all of this build is in the Scuttler itself.  The body section is a relatively straightforward build, a transparent piece covers the engine components and a big hulking net launcher sticks out of the top.  After adding the massive leg structures, a small cockpit/head is constructed to complete the build.  A long with the net launcher, there are a handful of stud shooters to provide fun playability.  The legs are their own separate beast. The two front legs feature huge extension capabilities which provide for a wide range of configurations.  The back legs are very much poseable so you can display or play with the Scuttler in many different poses.   Putting this beast together is a lot of fun, there is a lot of variety in this build.  Fans of the Lego Batman movie have plenty of choices this year, the Scuttler lands among the best.

Batman Scarecrow Harvest of Fear (76054)

LEGO Super Heroes 76054 Batman: Scarecrow Harvest of Fear Building Kit (563 Piece)
  • Build the Batcopter and foil Scarecrow’s dastardly plans!
  • Includes Gas Mask Batman, Blue Beetle, Scarecrow, Killer Moth and farmer minifigures
  • LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes building toys are compatible with all LEGO construction sets for creative building
  • Three vehicles included. The Batcopter is over 3” high, 12” long and 9” wide. The Harvester is over 3” high, 7” long and 5” wide
  • 563 pieces – For boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 14 years old A non-Lego Batman Movie Batman set!  This set pits The Dark Knight up against Scarecrow using three strong vehicle builds.  The Gas Mask Batman and Scarecrow minifigurines are both great, but Blue Beetle and Killer Moth also really shine. Rounding out the set is a generic scared farmer who plays the part of the hapless victim just fine.  The farmer gets nice looks, no frills, but great looking red tractor to drive around. Scarecrow’s harvester is a very fun vehicle. The cutter on the front rotates as the wheels move, there are a few shooters included and a gas chamber in the back end to entrap enemies or maybe hapless farmers.   The Batcopter is an awesome looking helicopter. The six bladed and bat-shaped tail make the final product really pop.  The cockpit has an opening glass top and, in a particularly cool design when the tail is pushed in shooters pop out of the helicopter on both sides.  For consisting of three vehicles, this set offers a lot of fun play options.   These options involve some pretty interesting mechanics so the build to assemble them is quite a treat.   A great looking set with some very cool interactive twists makes this a great set for any Batman or Super Hero fans.

Best Budget Sets

Legos can get expensive, especially the gigantic sets that we all love.  However, sometimes the situation calls for a smaller, budget friendly purchase and we wanted to cover the bases on those sets as well.  Below is a list of the cheaper Lego Super Hero sets that we love, with a brief summary of why we love them.  We limited this list to setes with an MSRP under $25.  

Spider-Man Ghost Rider Team-up (76058): I’ll be honest, this is here because Ghost Rider is simply a badass.  His minifigurine is amazing, as is his bike.  There are other pieces, and they are quite good as well, but this is all about Ghost Rider. Amazon has more reviews and details here

Ravager Attack (76079): We had to get Guardians of the Galaxy on this page somehow.  This set features Rocket and Mantis going up against Taserface, not entirely an A-team matchup, but Rocket is awesome and there is a great six-stud shooter gun here. Read More reviews on Amazon

Green Lantern vs Sinestro (76025): Sometimes, you need to go to the small sets to get the hero you want.  Green Lantern is great, but the amazing Space Batman minifigurine steals the show here. Available from a variety of sellers but not prime

The Joker Balloon Escape (70900): There is a lot of craziness packed into this tiny set.  Come for the eye catching balloon backpack, stay for the exploding silo. Only $15 on Amazon

ATM Heist Battle (76082):  Spider-Man takes on two generic robbers here, but the ATM has two different explode functions, so it earns a spot here. On-sale for $15

Mr. Freeze Ice Attack (70901):  Mr. Freeze is here with his stud-shooting exosuit.  We just love the blue tints and colors included whenever you see Mr. Freeze, and this set is no exception. On-sale on Amazon

Mighty Micros: Captain America vs Red Skull (76065): There are a lot of Might Mircos to choose from (and this might not be the last on this list), but Red Skull stands out as a great minifigurine. 279 5-star reviews on Amazon!

Clash of the Heroes (76044): Batman versus Superman.  This battle takes place on a rooftop with an exploding Batsignal and features Armored Batman.

Excalibur Batman Fun Pack (71344): The Lego Batman Movie went to some weird places, but they resulted in some really fun sets.  Excalibur Batman is mostly ridiculous, but he looks great here along with this three-in-one vehicle. Amazon | Lego

Mighty Micros: Wolverine vs Magneto (76073): Both the Wolverine and Magneto minifigurines are fantastic, their tiny vehicles, not so much, but the figurines are worth the price of admission. Amazon | Lego

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