LEGO Friends 3189 – Heartlake Stables

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A perfect example of how LEGO sets for girls should be made.

The LEGO Friends 3189 is a perfect gift for any creative young girl.

Whether it's her first LEGO set or she's already got some, she will surely enjoy it just the same regardless. The set comes with a fully furnished barn with two horses to stay in it, as well as one cat and a frog to make the stables even livelier. Rich in accessories, the set includes a bucket, a book, pitchfork, several cups and carrots, two helmets, practice jumps, two bridles, two saddles as well as an animal accessory set that consists of a comb, bows, prize ribbons, hair spray, brushes, and soap. When thinking about possible role-play scenarios one cannot escape the feeling that this is THE training ground for horses to prepare for a jumping competition. The stable can also hold such competition on the spot and honor the winner with numerous rewards, such as ribbons, bows and – most importantly – fame. What impressed us the most about this set was a handy brick separator. Used to separate bricks, this tool is a blessing for all lego fans (we all despise it when two flat bricks get stuck together, don't we?)

millennium falcon lego

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Basics & Features

  • Heartlake Stables set comes with fully furnished stables, perfect to start any girl’s LEGO adventure with
  • Two horses with their jockeys – the core role-playing feature of this set
  • Realistic accessories necessary to take a good care of the horses

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It’s great to see LEGO release a set aimed specifically for girls – with so many boys-oriented sets female LEGO fans could feel somewhat let down. From the very first sight, one suspects that such big box is bound to contain tools allowing for countless hours of fun. As expected, the set doesn't disappoint once opened – there are so many bricks and blocks that we haven’t even had a moment of boredom. After we were done with assembling we couldn’t help but admire how great the product was overall. Despite being adults, we did some roleplaying ourselves. I have never imagined that taking the role of a jockey caring for his horse can be so enjoyable.

It doesn't matter if it's the first set in the collection, neither if your kid plays alone or with friends - LEGO 3189 always delivers.


Lego Friends 3189 is a must-have set for any young girl who is creative and passionate about horses. It’s probably the best LEGO Friends kit on the market. It also is value for money given the possibilities one will get with the set. The plethora of accessories provided with it lets your child play with the set for hours to come. It also lets her invite a bunch of friends to play with – the set can easily host more than just one person. The roleplaying aspect is also remarkable – because of that, we can easily grant the set 5/5 for being a perfect gift for anyone aged between 6 and 12.

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