Welcome to the Quartermaster Stores. Here you will find a guide to all the equipment a BrickScout might need. Following the links below will lead you to both official LEGO® elements and constructions as well as “brick-built” solutions.
These pages are not meant to be a complete catalogue of every element LEGO makes that could be used by BrickScouts. They are intended as a guide to the most useful bits and a way to get started for those not familiar with all the elements LEGO has produced over the years.

[IMPORTANT NOTE: These pages will always be a work in progress but especially now at the launch of this new site. Please be patient and contribute!]


Besides a uniform, every BrickScout needs some basic gear for having adventures such as a hiking staff and backpacks or kit bags. Overnight stays in the wilderness require things like tents and cooking gear. Campfires will make those cold nights more comfortable


BrickScout adventures can include a variety of transportation options including bicycle, canoe or small boats. Skiing (on water or snow) and snowshoeing are also popular activities and can form the basis of a winter camp or just a fun day. In North America, the venerable school bus is also commonly used to get to jamborees or other large gatherings.

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