The actual meaning to be read from the fleur-de-lys badge is that it points in the right direction (and upwards) turning neither to the right nor left, since these lead backward again. The stars on the two side arms stand for the two eyes of the Wolf Cub having been opened before he became a Scout, when he gained his First-class Badge of two Stars. The three points of the fleur-de-lys remind the Scout of the three points of the Scout’s Promise Duty to God and King, Helpfulness to other people, and Obedience to the Scout Law. from Scouting for Boys.

The primary insignia of the Brick Scouts is the crest based on the original fleur-de-lys design created by B-P for the scouting movement. A version of his original design still represents Scouts all around the world.

Fleur de what?

Originally B-P used an arrowhead as a badge but quickly adapted the fleur-de-lys instead. The “lily flower” has often been used as an indicator of North on maps and compasses since the Middle Ages.
It also had deeper meanings in the heraldry of knights and nobles that developed in Europe during that time. B-P was thinking of these when he wrote, “The crest is the fleur-de-lys, a lily, the emblem of peace and purity” two things he felt were integral to his new organization.

Brick Scouts Version

Starting with the original fleur-de-lys design but using two “studs” instead of stars and a brick instead of a band the Brick Scout crest joins LEGO® and Scouting together.
The gold and green are traditional scouting colours in many countries and were chosen to represent the outdoors and the earth(green) and the sunshine and pure light of positive attitude (gold).

Brick Scouts Flag

As shown above, the crest appears on the flag of the Brick Scouts with the words “Brick Scouts”. Individual troops add their own name to the bottom of the flag (as detailed on the Contribute page.) The flag should always be shown proper respect as the symbol of our movement.

Fair Use of Trademarks and Copyrighted Materials

I have the greatest respect for both the LEGO Company and the Scouting movement. This project is for entertainment and all activities are designed to enhance and honour both entities. I believe the Brick Scouts crest fall under fair use guidelines. Duly appointed representatives of The LEGO Company or any Scouting organization who have comments may Contact BrickScouter Ted.

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