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There are several variations of backpack available to Brick Scouts including one older model that actually opens to carry very small items.
[BL: “army” backpack, “adventurer” backpack, “expedition” backpack ; BF: backpack]


For birdwatching, stargazing, or any number of fun outdoor activities a pair of binoculars or a telescope will come in handy.
[BL: binoculars, telescope]


Don’t forget a camera to take pictures of your activities. A Brick Scout takes only pictures and leaves only footprints.
[BL: camera, type 2 camera]


The closest we can come to a LEGO® campfire is found in the recent Indiana Jones sets from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Jungle Duel:7624). The most useful pieces for building a good campfire include different flame pieces for large fires and trans-orange 1×1 round plates for the glowing embers of a cooking fire.
[BL:flames, triple flame,  round plates ]


Once the campfire is going you will need pots and pans to cook with and of course a plate and a mug for your mess kit.
[BL:pots, frying pans, mugs, plates]

Fishing Rod

If it is allowed and you have the time you might consider going fishing for the day or as a way to supplement the menu on a longer camping trip .
[BL: fishing rod, short fishing rod]


A flashlight will come in handy on dark nights. Make sure to keep it turned off around the campfire and after “lights out”.
[BL: lightsaber handle, transparent plate; BF: flashlight, headlamp]

Hiking Staff

Hiking in rough terrain requires a sturdy staff which comes in two handy sizes for Brick Scouts. The shorter version is fine for most. But for those want extra length to check the depths of creeks or use as a tent pole the taller version will suit you.
[BL lightsaber blade; umbrella stand]

Kit Bag

For those occasions where a full-size backpack may not be required, the new Indiana Jones sets again come to our rescue with a stylish shoulder bag.
[BL: messenger bag]


LEGO has actually made a couple of tents including one that originally came in black with white printing. This was recently revived in tan with black printing for an Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Cyrstal Skull set (Jungle Duel:7624). There are also some other canvas parts that could make a tent such as the truck cover from another Indy set (Race for the Stolen Treasure:7622). If you are interested in more colours you can now order LEGO-style tents from MMCB Custom Minifig Cloth Accessories. Not only a wide variety of colours but also has camouflage tents for more variety.
[BL:tent, another tent; MMCB: tent]

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