October 10


Family Camping on Cuusoo

Saw this little gem on the Cuusoo website today. A nice little family camping scene that could be made into a real LEGO set if enough people support it. I hope to get a BrickScouts set up sometime but in the meantime, if you like camping you might want to lend your support to this project.
 The tent design is interesting in that it allows for the tent to be opened as it is actually suspended from the tree. This adds some nice play features.

The barbeque and picnic table are also nicely designed but I would be a little nervous setting up camp right underneath a bee’s nest!

For those who may not be familiar with the site, LEGO Cuusoo is a site where you can share designs for a set that you think could be produced. If 10,000 people agree then the project will be given to LEGO set designers to see if it can be produced.


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