June 1




BrickScouts.Org, a new web portal dedicated to LEGO-based Scouting went live today.

Created as a place for those who want to combine the love of LEGO brand bricks and the worldwide scouting movement, BrickScouts.Org will include creations and inspirations for builders of scouting-themed MOCs.

Starting with a small amount of content it is hoped that users of the portal will be inspired to build (in more ways than one) a community of Brick Scouts for everyone who loves the outdoors to enjoy.

This news page will be used to note site updates and keep you informed of what’s happening in the world of BrickScouts. There is an RSS or ATOM feed available or just visit every once in a while to keep in touch with what is happening.

– Brick Scouter Ted

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About the Author

My wife calls Legos my "full-time hobby." I am always looking forward to the next build and you can be sure I will take detailed notes about every step of the process so I can provide the most complete reviews out there.

BrickScouter Ted

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