LEGO City 4435 – Car and Caravan

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Priced at 11$, LEGO 4435 is a perfect set regardless of whether you're just starting to build your LEGO City or adding final touches to your collection. As all other LEGO City sets, 4435 allows you to roleplay the members of public service. With LEGO City, you can forget about work, life or anything that bothers your head and fight crime as a policeman, extinguish fires like a real fireman or save people in emergencies as a lifesaver. These are just a few possibilities enabled by this collection. This particular mini set offers you a chance to decide whether the sheriff will catch the burglar and put him in his car. It is entirely up to you whether you'll side with justice or let the bad guy escape unpunished this time. A relatively small amount of pieces makes it perfect as a gift for a child. Building and playing LEGO together was proven to be one the best bonding experiences.

millennium falcon lego

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Basics & Features

  • A 4" (11 cm) patrol car
  • A barrier with 'Watch out for the bear' sign
  • Two pairs of handcuffs
  • Two mini figures: an uncommon mini figure of a sheriff and a classic robber character

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There is not much to say about the building process. With only 97 pieces, the set is an easy build for both adults and (their) children.

If you're familiar with LEGO, it shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes to complete it. Just like in all original LEGO sets the bricks are of the highest quality with "LEGO" imprints on almost every one of them. As you probably know, some models have an "alternative version" at the back of the instruction. Sadly, this set doesn't belong to them. However, seeing how small it is this fact shouldn't be surprising.


As I said, LEGO 4435 is a perfect set for all occasions. While it doesn't allow much roleplaying, it can be either a nice start or a cherry on the top of your collection. If you are a LEGO fan who happens to have a spare 11$ hesitate no longer and buy this set.

Anything worth adding?

When you put handcuffs on characters they do a really cool "click" sound. It gives me goosebumps.

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