July 12


i-Brix Wireless Powered Lego Light System Kickstarter

Adding lights to Lego builds is something that most longtime builders have attempted to tackle at one point or another.  It usually ends up being something clunky that looks pretty bad and doesn’t even do a great job of lighting up your build.  There have been some commercial attempts to solve this problem by stuffing batters and a light into a brick, those were a little better, but left something to be desired.

Enter i-Brix, which appears to be a truly revolutionary step for Lego lighting.  Before diving in, the thing you need to know is that the LED lights fit into a standard 1×1 Lego brick and are powered wirelessly by a 10”x10” base layer you will build on.

This technology is amazing in a number of ways.  First, the range from the base battery layer to the LED bricks is eight inches.  That may not seem like a lot, and in the scope of Lego builds it honestly might not be a lot, but consider that wireless phone charging needs to take place with only millimeters separating the battery and charger.  Of course, the power levels there are significantly greater, but the point is, 8” is a long range for wireless power transmission.  The wireless charging is the key as it allows the LED footprint to fit into a 1×1 block.  Being LEDs, the light emitted looks to be bright and crisp.

How do you get your hands on these sweet lighted bricks?  You pledge to the Kickstarter, of course.  There are some early backer specials still available as of the time of this writing which will get you the 10”x10” base layer and ten lighted bricks for $40.  $69-$79 will get you twenty bricks instead while $149-$159 lands two base layers and 40 bricks, 20 assorted colors and 20 white.  The campaign is off to a strong start and has almost reached its goal, all products are expected to ship in December of this year.  


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